Help: Borrower Login

The Borrower Login page is the gateway to access the information provided in the My Account portion of our web site. In order to securely identify yourself, you will be requested to provide the following information:

  1. School Code: Each institution that ECSI services is assigned a unique two or three character identifier. If you have attended two different schools, you will have two distinct accounts on ECSI's My Account service.
  2. Account Number: Generally this is your Social Security Number. If your institution uses a different number, you will have to check your billing statement to find the account number.
  3. Password: Initially, ECSI assigns each borrower a PIN number. This PIN number will act as your password until you take the time to change your password. Once you have changed your password, your PIN is only needed if your forget your new password.

When everything appears to have been entered correctly, press the Login button once ("double-clicking" the Login button may cause you a problem). One of two actions will occur. If all information provided is valid, you are presented with the My Account page for your account. If your login cannot be validated, the login page is presented again, documenting the problem that was encountered.

Note: If this is the first time you are accessing our services, use your PIN as your password until you have selected a password of your own!

Below are some notes that may be helpful.

  • Secure Pages: ECSI strongly recommends that borrowers use the secure pages whenever possible to keep their student loan and other financial information confidential. Please see our Security FAQ for more information.

  • The picture below will show you where to find all of your login information. Your School code, account number and PIN are printed on the bottom of your billing statement, in the area blocked off in red. The number to the right of the school code is your account number. Your account number also appears in the upper-right corner of the bill in the "DUE" block. Additional information about Passwords and PINs is available in our Password/PIN FAQ.

  • Billing Statement

  • Bad School Codes: Some borrowers have reported an invalid school code appears on their bills or coupons. While school code should be two characters, some bills contain three digits. To access you account, you will need to change the school code as follows (this only applies to three digit codes). Replace the first two digits according to the following: 99=A, 98=B, 97=C, 96=D, 95=E, 94=F, 93=G. For example, if your bill has 985 for a school code, the correct code would be B5

  • Privacy: ECSI takes the privacy of your information very seriously. Please see our Borrower Privacy Statement for full disclosure of ECSI's practices.

  • If the PIN number displayed on your stub is all asterisks (*****), the paperwork for your loan was received too late to assign a PIN. You will receive a valid PIN number on your next bill.

  • The student loan information is updated every morning at 4 a.m. If you try to access your account information during the update, you will receive the message "Database is unavailable (nnn)". The database is generally unavailable from 4:00 a.m. and 4:30 a.m., Eastern Time. If you receive this message during normal service hours, please contact our Webmaster to report the problem. Include the three-digit error number in parenthesis.