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ECSI's new My Account service enable you to manage your account information anytime, anywhere!

Below is a description of each of the options available on the Borrower's My Account page. Items marked with an asterisk (*) will be made available in the weeks after the initial release. Please be patient. Check back often or sign up for our Notify Me service to receive notification by Email as new features and services are made available.

My Account

Direct Payment
Pay your bills electronically, directly from your checking or savings account. You can schedule either monthly payments or just a single, one-time payment.
Current Account Balance
Thousands of borrowers have used ECSI's Account Information since 1998 to verify the current status of their loans, including any payment information. The Current Account Balance provides a short and concise reference to your account's current status.
Electronic Billing Statements
Electronic billing statements are a facsimile of the paper statements that ECSI produces. You can review your most recent statement and up to a year's worth of prior statements.
Tax Information
Borrowers can review their 1098-E and 1098-T tax documents in the same general format as the paper documents.
Exit Interview
Upon Graduation, borrowers can complete their Exit Interviews for loans they have received from their college or university.
Promissory Notes
Upon receiving financial aid borrowers can sign, print, or view the promissory notes for loans they have received from their college or university.
Update My Info
Update the demographic information that ECSI keeps on file, including name, address, phone and Email address.
Password Change
Hate remembering that PIN number? Now you can pick your own password. Selecting a good password provides a much higher level of security than the prior PINs and enables you to pick something easy for you to remember.
To ensure no one uses your computer to access your information after you have walked away, be sure to Logoff when you are finished.

Customer Service

Live Customer Service
Is there something you want to know about your account that you cannot find on our Internet site? Ask one of our customer service representatives all your questions, directly from our web site.
Request a Form
Did you know that most of our forms are already available on our site? If you cannot find a form or would prefer to have one sent to you in the U.S. Mail, you can submit your request here.
ECSI is absolutely committed to providing the finest service in the industry. Tell us what you think about your experience with our Customer Service staff. Tell our Webmaster what new features you need. Regardless if you are happy or mad, we need to hear your opinion! We are always open to suggestions on how to serve you better. All comments or complaints are reviewed directly by ECSI's executive staff to ensure we are meeting or exceeding our Customer Service Commitment.


Did you know many of our forms are available as PDF documents? The PDF version of these forms are available directly on the Borrower Home Page. The forms below allow you to use standard HTML forms to provide the same information.
ACH Application*
Would you like the convenience of having your student loan payments automatically deducted from your checking account? If so, ACH is the perfect option for you. Signing up could not be simpler. If you prefer not to use our PDF forms, this is the answer.
Should a situation arise where you will be unable to pay your student loan for a period of time, a deferment may assist you. Deferments are valid for a number of reasons.
Many loan programs provide incentives by cancelling all or a portion of the amount you must repay.
Some loan programs provide a clause to waive all or part of the amount you owe on a student loan. Often this relates to a form of hardship which would make repayment impossible.


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ECSI strives to provide the services that you need. To accomplish that goal, we need to know your opinions. Our surveys give us the chance to collect and tabulate your views and ensure that our corporate direction matches your desires. Please take the time to participate and be heard. Tabulated results are reviewed by the executive staff every week.