Help: Reset My Password

If you have forgotten your password and you know your PIN number, this page will enable you to reset your password back to the PIN number that ECSI originally assigned. Your PIN is printed on the bottom of your billing statement (more information).

You will be requested to provide the following information:

  1. School Code: Each institution that ECSI services is assigned a unique two or three character identifier. If you have attended two different schools, you will have two distinct accounts on ECSI's My Account service.
  2. Account Number: Generally this is your Social Security Number. If your institution uses a different number, you will have to check your billing statement to find the account number (more information).
  3. PIN: Initially, ECSI assigns each borrower a PIN number. This PIN number will ensure that your account cannot be reset by just anybody.
When everything appears to have been entered correctly, press the Submit button once ("double-clicking" the Submit button may cause you a problem). One of two actions will occur. If all information provided is valid, you are presented with a message stating that the password was reset to your PIN. If the information you provided cannot be validated, the login page is presented again, documenting the problem that was encountered.


  • If you have never logged on to our My Account service before, the Reset My Password function will not work.
  • If you experience any problems with the Reset My Password feature, please contact our Webmaster. Remember to provide your school code and account number.
  • ECSI takes the privacy of your information very seriously. Please see our Borrower Privacy Statement for full disclosure of ECSI's practices.