Help: Direct Payment Transaction History

This page enables you to view your a summary of your recent Direct Payment transactions.

The summary will show the following:

  1. Date: This is the date the transaction was submitted to your bank. "Scheduled" denotes a transaction that has not yet been processed.
  2. Type is either "One-Time" or "Permanent". A permanent transaction is submitted each month automatically. A one-time transaction is only submitted for a single payment.
  3. Payment: The amount of the payment made (or requested).
  4. Bank: The bank or other financial institution that this transaction was drawn from.
  5. View: Select a transaction using the radio buttons below the view button. Press the View button to see the full payment transaction as it appeared when you submitted it.
  6. Status: The current state of this transaction. Pending transactions can be changed or deleted. All other status (processing, completed, nsf, etc.) can only be viewed.

A Delete button will show next to an outstanding transaction. You can only delete a pending transaction. Once the transaction is marked for processing, you will be unable to cancel it.