Virus FAQ


ECSI receives thousands of electronic mail messages every day. A very small portion of these Emails contain a virus (or worm) as an attachment. This document will attempt to explain the method ECSI uses to prevent ourselves from infection and provided resources for you to use in the event you have become infected.

ECSI Procedures

Our electronic mail server matches email received against a list of known virus signatures. If an email you sent is identified as potentially harmful, it will be held at our mail server for one of our network administrators to review. This can significantly extend our response time as these messages are checked infrequently.

Once an email has been identified as containing a virus or worm, our administrators will send the sender an email to warn that they are potentially infected. This warning will include a link to this page.

Of course, some virus warnings are simply a hoax. Just because someone tells you that you have a virus does not mean it is true. You can find plenty of information about common hoaxes at


ECSI's provides the following resources as a service to our client's and their borrowers. We cannot endorse or recommend any of these companies or products. All links in this section lead off our site and will open in a new browser window. We cannot be responsible for the content on these sites. Be aware that during virus outbreaks these sites can become very slow.

Free/Shareware/Evaluation Anti-virus Software

Recent Virus Activity