Live Customer Service

You are about to connect to a Customer Service Representative using only your browser. While the tool is very intuitive, we have included some instructions below to get you started. If you have any comments or suggestions about Live Customer Service, please feel free to send them to our Webmaster.

You may request information on any topic ranging from finding information on this web site to information about your loan. This is a one-on-one service (not a public chat room) so you can feel free to discuss your issue with our Customer Service Representatives. Chat requests are answered in the order we receive them.

This service is available between the hours of 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM ET, Monday through Friday.

Live Customer Service via Live2Support

Live2Support Instructions:

If the Icon above says "Click for Live Support," you can click the icon to start chatting with one of our Customer Service Representatives. You can optionally enter your name and email address when prompted.

After clicking the "Logout" button, you will be given the opportunity to Print a transcript of the chat, or have the transcript emailed to you. To print the transcript, simply click the "Print" button in the window. To email the transcript to you, click the "Email" button, enter the email address that you wish to have the transcript sent to, and click the "OK" button. You may also rate the chat by simply choosing an option from the list.