Borrower Forms

Below are forms specific to The Ohio State University borrowers. If you are not sure which format to use, look at the Document Formats page for an explanation of each type.

The Ohio State University Forms

Request for Forbearance/Hardship/Unemployment Deferment
Military Deferment Request
Borrowers may postpone repayment of a Perkins loan (sometimes with no interest) under certain conditions based on service in the United States military. Use this form to request a deferment of your loan payments.
Request for Deferment/Cancellation
Under certain conditions, a Perkins loan can have a portion of the debt (including interest) waived. If you qualify, use these forms to request deferment/cancellation of your loan.
Spouses and Parents of September 11, 2001 Victims Loan Discharge
Under certain conditions, a Perkins loan can be discharged based on being the parent or spouse of a September 11, 2001 victim. If you qualify, use this form to request a discharge of your loan.
Primary Health Care Service Obligation Certification
Borrowers of Primary Care Loans must meet certain obligations as outlined in the promissory note for the loan. Use this form to certify that you are practicing Primary Health Care.
Primary Health Care Certification of Deferment
Recipients of EFN or FADHPS scholarships with a primary care service obligation must complete this form annually during residency training to notify the school of their training activities.
Nurse Faculty Loan Program
Forms specific to the Nurse Faculty Loan Program.
Total and Permanent Disability Discharge
Under certain conditions, a Perkins loan can be discharged based on a total and permanent disability.
Renegotiation Request

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