Customer Service Commitment

ECSI prides itself in the quality and quantity of service provided to our schools and their borrowers. This document includes our company policies that every employee at ECSI must review and follow. They are reproduced here for the benefit of our clients and their borrowers. If you feel the service you have received does not meet the standards presented here, please feel free to contact a supervisor or a member of the ECSI Administration staff.

Borrowers and Schools
Each and every client is entitled to prompt and courteous treatment. Our goal is to completely satisfy requests during the initial encounter. Sometimes this is not possible. When we must make you hold, we will try to keep the hold time to three minutes or less. If we cannot resolve your problem within that time, we may request a time when we can return the call. You should be informed of the reason your request cannot be processed immediately and an estimated time to resolution.

The majority of phone calls are resolved while the caller is still on the phone. The majority of electronic requests are processed within two to four hours. Unless you are advised otherwise, all requests should be resolved within one business day. Should your request exceed one business day, please contact ECSI and report this.

If you are not satisfied in any way with the service you receive, there are several options available to help achieve satisfaction. At any point, you may request to speak with a customer service supervisor. There is a form available on the Borrower's page to submit problems or complaints to the administrative staff at ECSI. All members of the executive staff will receive a copy of correspondence sent to our administrative group. You may also correspond via U.S. Mail, address your concerns to Administration.

Every caller can request that the customer service representative identify themselves. Each ECSI employee must provide at minimum their first name. Whenever possible, please identify the representative you worked with in any correspondence.

Customer Service Technologies ECSI is committed to using every technology practical to enhance our customer service offerings. In addition to telephone and U.S. Mail, we provide access to our staff using Email and Web-based forms. Our intention is to provide as many technologies as we can reasonably support and allow the client to select the technology most appropriate and comfortable. Future options include Instant Messaging, On-line Customer Service (IRC) and Internet telephony (Voice-Over-IP).

ECSI's Customer Service Policies

Each customer service representative must identify themselves at the beginning of each call and upon the request of the caller.

Each borrower is entitled to prompt, courteous and complete satisfaction to all requests. Our client's borrowers are ultimately the reason we are in business. Each caller should receive our complete and undivided attention.

Phone requests should be processed while the caller is on the phone. No caller should be on hold more than two to three minutes. If a request cannot be processed immediately, the relevant information is to be collected from the caller and an estimated resolution time should be given. Return calls should be made within the stated time frame.

Electronic mail requests should be processed within two hours. In no case should a request go beyond 24 hours of receipt. If a request cannot be completed within the required time frame, the borrower must be given a status and an estimated resolution.

On-line electronic support should receive the same priority as phone support. Calls should be answered in the order received. If there will be a delay, announce the approximate waiting period to those waiting.

Borrowers should expect and receive accurate and complete information. Information provided must be relevant and current. If unsure of the proper answer, involve another department member or a supervisor who is better versed on a particular topic. If a member or supervisor in Customer Service is not available, escalate the problem to the Sales or Administration staff. As always, gather all relevant information from the caller and keep them appraised of the status.

When a borrower is requesting information on their loan, ensure that they understand any rights and/or obligations. Ensure that when an issue needs to be referred to the school, the borrower understands that as a billing agent, the ultimate decision-making powers lie with the school.

Borrowers who express dissatisfaction with the service received should be given the opportunity to speak with a supervisor. If a supervisor is not available, take the caller's information and inform them when a supervisor will be available. You should also inform the caller of the electronic customer service facilities available on our website. Do not try to influence their decision, give them the information and let them decide the method they prefer.

Phone requests for administrative action must be processed through a customer service supervisor prior to being passed on.